Monday, January 01, 1990

Concerning the Stasjon Frjentser manuscript

by Professor Witold Wojtech Dlaha

My dear Professor Conroy,
So good to hear from you after so many years. Drs. Mattern and Witkiewiczsz ask me to send you their sincerest regards. Your letter is succinct but I hope I may intimate from this a general state of well-being? Our wishes for your happiness and good health cannot be more genuine.

Now, to the matter at hand: I am sorry that the Institute cannot be more of a help to you concerning this ms. "Stasjon Frjentsjer" is almost certainly written in the Echo-Frisian language. Echo-Frisian was a Germanic language used in the northern part of what is now the Netherlands, and, interestingly, is the language most closely related to modern English, though the roots of both are quite different. In any case Echo-Frisian was a quite rare language with almost no surviving written texts.

Professor Sevcik and I have prepared for you what is really at best only a poor literal translation, more of a transduction, really. Even though we are the foremost (well - only) experts in Echo-Frisian, our knowledge is extremely limited, especially in relation to poetic forms. We’re sorry to say that from here on you'll have to find your own way through this particular text. We can tell you this much however:
"Stasjon Frjentsjer" is a narrative of the indeterminate nightlife. The unnamed narrator brings his discontinuous ego to a small, disjunctive cafe. There he meets the syntactical intimations of an intermittent construction. His attempts at non-referential small talk distance him from her barely-palpable absence. A textual poetics privileges his erotic palimpsest.

Here is the literal traduction of the first paragraph of "Stasjon Frjentsjer":

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We look forward to reading any further explorations you make into this text.