Sunday, January 06, 1991


by Professor Nikolai Trukanov

A moment, Einstein; those problems of the hour have been taken up, taken seriously. It has been explained that the experience of it means qualche.cosa for the special man, rather essentially different, being led into the future, but this important difference cannot transport one into the inside of a physics that has happened and will likely continue happening. This experience cannot be grippata from science, but you have seemingly given over one unavoidable substance for a moment however painful. I have observed that all the scope of our training has happened within a science which is latta-described; in a closed hand the entire series of dispositions of cases in physics is described; and on the other hand, the open hand, the characteristics the man experiences are interested concurrently: contained, relative and with a different attitude towards the posterior, as described and explained by psychology. But you, Einstein, have thought that these scientific descriptions could not perhaps complete our human necessities; that one is something here, that the hour is remarkable, that it is a uniform external part of the reign of science, that it, the hour, is ever over.