Saturday, May 01, 1993

Excerpts from PHOENIX RISING
by Marvin Talmadge Manning

Here is one of the reasons the City & County, hardly normal Super Brains with co-horts of transit, pseudo+gov’t goons, would go after a clean, honest creative AMERICAN WWII WAR veteran to shut him up by assaults, attempted drive-by “accidents,” but with false accusations and RAILROADING, with police lies of drunkenness, mental imbalance, and other Police State actions.

STARTED BY CONVICT FIFE SYMINGTON, the proposed updated COO-CHOO, for which money has already been spent in “studies,” which probably went only to the Lawyer/Lobbyists so that the owners (recent option buyers?) of the land that will be bought up by the government for the new track between Phoenix, the closed Williams Air Base and Tucson will know exactly what land to buy options on??

The PHOENIX RISING should make possible a regional high-speed, mass transit system running in a loop, generally around Phoenix then over to other cities and back.

Just for the sake of clarity, let’s say an “A Train” runs north with I-17, has stops at Washington Park, Cave Creek Sports Complex at the Bell Road Cloverleaf and a turnaround at the Deer Valley Airport; its return might htne be along Deer Valley Road, Cave Creek Road, State Avenue and 35th Street with stops at Union Hills, Mountain Preserve, Granada Park, Arizona Biltmore Country Club to Sky Harbor Airport and to Downtown back on I-17 again.

With the speeds that this innovator projects, tens of thousands would be encouraged to leave their cars at Park & Ride Centers.

A station and other facilities could have been built in conjunction with the new City Hall if we had been contacted and if it had not been built so hastily in the mode of buildings from this (the last century technically) century, which simply throws up blockades against advancement.

The PHOENIX RISING itself would have many innovations and palatable ideas so the design ideas will not be set out for industrial spies to steal, but as funds come in the models and plans would be patented. I hold no drawings or models or plans at home. My home has been rifled from time to time to find such (futilely). At one point I was even interrogated in the Orin Teague Veterans Hospital outer (admissions) examination room by the staff and a doctor named Constantine (name given to me by the woman doctor on duty) with the complicity of all and a police sargeant who had tried to set up a situation with two other officers to kill me (a police officer I had spoken to the mayor about) done when I went in on an emergency for an incarcerated hernia which the various examining doctors (?) had created from enlarged inguinal rings; while I was supposed to be operated on, as they told the friend that brought me, under sodium penothal they used my pain to extract my ideas with interrogation, and did get at least one, a product which appeared in the news from the USSR; but a stolen idea is never worth more than a single used tin can.