Saturday, February 09, 1991


by Prof. Wojwode Przibislaw

The authenticity must be nonrelevant but be corresponded in the world or the behavior of the function of the human brain. It is pharenomenal, as a device of the thought of the brain is a found accumulation of sensitivity, designs, experiments and experiments which follow us conscientiousnessly, follow our circumstance, moving while the things with us seem as the human ones but are only personal experiments. This "density of the manufactured value" becomes (of which sights of a current with this expert) of signicatives which produce the innate stereotyped mass of design of of the brainstem and perameters limbic usable to calculate the brain. The meeting is a critical part of our study. This computer computer bringing together together usable can be true agreement, the means by which the categorizzazione of the cases on an under surface of the value are presented. The brain follows a process of limit particular categorization, that the memory adapts then. These perceptuelles, one of the other, experiments of reference of the designation memory with the jet of system of the value; designation of code of IE as an other form of song.

Solidity is the product of our concepts of the value. The feeling of the body grows and the figures of the spirit with our state of the period indicated accumulate. Something written is interned, which can be used of respresentação a human brain, a process necessary, the end, to manufacture solidity this respresentações the thoughts, the concepts and the faith include/understand only solidity in the reference in the cases in the external world. Hour it to be presuppor general that produced work space of job trasmett for port in the long term to be modernized immediate to our memory brain abbin (sensory/motor), for announcements extremity inicializar faith behavior and this sense conscience to be not consult a different, additional system, so called brain brain plaza qualia also if, obvious, have nobody of whole literature publish directly update à jour the fact which ours stereotype, the confidence, memory expressive and long term for ours of need conscious of individual be not sufficient and by a system with high content of memory to finish must, which exist out of qualia. The logical answer is that we ensured these capacities. Bevoelkeren everywhere see you differentiating, enters and colour same manner, if we discount cultural effects.

Our first mammal ancestors partly survived, because they could differentiate of the physical colours of differences, of taste and of smell. E.G. it is the difference between red one, blue one and green one, which gives significances trusted to these colours, not their turning red or assumed greeness. The yellow is the total of green one and of blue one, but it is assumed as being completely differently to green one and blue.

Why do we assign names with various colors? Simply regulated, the names give them timid solidity in a cultural context. We learned, as with this of our formed materials of source, when we were a very small child within a framework of Crayolas. Do you call again? Do you still call? Many people can differentiate 10,000 nuances from the color. Succeed us to it qualia familiar for each one of them? If, not as and as we seized of familiar memory (qualia) for everyone of these different nuances? A dog, without language or culture, can differentiate and indicate a multiplicity without end. How many of the odors does it use?

For a traditional definition of the qualia, that it would indicate this to you: the all it is of long duration this confidentiality, (express or implicitly) those the stereotyped memory, that it can be in the type orally or nonverbal and contains Kontextsignicatifs which time, the station of job, the sensibility, the sensibility and the sensibility. All the same one that arrives it, seems much of considerable authorities to being notionless.