Wednesday, July 15, 1992


On an arranged meeting in one out-of-the-way pub came about 90 lads from BKS alliance (Brno, Klatovy, Plzen and Slovan Bratislava). After it we moved to area where the battle should take place. Group od Sparta looked a bit bigger (+/- 110) and home lads were at first running against us but with no response on our side so they held back. When we crossed very hard fight started and after about 30 seconds first two Prague lads were lying on the ground. Part of hosts were trying to interrupt the fight but after small hesitation battle went on (hate was too big). Then the first line of Sparta was disintegrated and soon broken what resulted in ran away of the remaining Sparta lads. Better tactics and quality on away side decided this battle (even a bit higher number of Prague lads wasn't enough). Clear win for BKS alliance.