Friday, May 01, 1992


by Ing.Arch. Marek Capku

All directions must be followed precisely. From Bratislava Hlavni Nadrazi, Slovakia, take any train destination Kosice or in Ukraine. Depart the train quickly as soon as it arrives in Plesivice, without waiting for your carriage to come to a complete halt. Only by making a mad dashing will you be able to catch to the Revuca train. So dash immediately towards track 8 on which stands a rusted train-car. Something more like a tram or funicular, as often used in mountain areas. It will appear very rustily but still the color is discernibly once yellow. Only the base part beneath the windows is colored burgundy, so there is not so noticeable rust. When you have catched to the train you will be seated. Be cautious taking your seat, for your carriage will begin to moving at the instant of your catching to it.

It is unusual if you are not the only passengist. The fare is 8 pc- and will be collected by the conductor in passing. Sit yourself and enjoy to a pleasant travel of nearly one hours until station of Revuca is arrived. Your billet of fare and signature of carriage will agree destination of Revuca, but this is merely ostensible. The conductor will departing but have not anxiety, only remain yourself aboard the carriage for the spending of nearly ten minutes of station-halt. At the terminus of this duration, the carriage will resume continuation. Sit yourself and enjoy the process of valley Revuca and its procedure of forest and growing hills. You will passage narrowed canyon rising into altitude and highlights of nature-wonder Rainbow Bridge and Ghosted Mine. In time of nearly fifty-minutes’ slow passage you are risen above canyon. Carriage will arrest before Hospoda Cerny Svet (the Tavern Blue Light). You must now depart carriage or exists consequentialities! Near to hospoda is telephone box. Hand receiver is hanging to down. You must only replace to hook. After nearly five minutes comes automobile with driver for taking your final passage to Kohoutenberg Institute.