Friday, October 30, 1992

by Smorg S. Borge

Part 1: The Tic

I offer a reverse~explaination: To wit…

Meaning has eluded me and this has made me a much better person. I think. We enter the apartment. I make sure to make a b-line for an outside room with a window. My co-body will make due with the remaining rooms. An intercom system connects us, with a dummy-surveillance parasol duck-taped to the speakers. Web cams have been taped on the legs of the tables, chairs and all floor lamps. Tape is a necessary “Pierre le Bouche” during anti-coital attack to which I have a safe-box full. This includes magnetic tape. My co-body does whatever she does while I prepare for Free-Form Body Ejac. I do this while rewinding all mag-tape, set record pause, and upload revised data re: MY REVISED EXISTENCE. This reverse-flow offers the shuttle-host (moi) a relaxing simulation of nature. The anti-coital attack is apt to peter out if nature is not introduced during tweedle code. Said tweedle code is optional but enhances said coital-attack in the event of reverse-dummy-cam starts ticking. “The tic,” as its refered to, does not pre-enable Free-Form Body Ejac. But it sure helps. Co-body, generally mills about remaining rooms, shuffles paper, straightens magazines, etc., whatever… I generally have black felt glued to all screen except for one: The Muybridge Ankle Lag Time Chronicle Foundation View. This 12-minute lag-time chronicle is compressed into a Wide-screen version of the Ankle as Sexual Vista, and is a personal preference. Lag-time allows for “bended” time and quick fax dump. I should add that I usually fax dump the co-body an ongoing list of “featurettes” starring my body in space during point of Free-Form Body touchdown and offers said co-body a compressed version of maquette-vandalism. This comprises the second part of shuttle hosting & erst-erotic automatist platforming.

Part 2: Mediating rumples

Rumples are a natural occurance during post-fax dumped/Free-Form Body Ejac. DON’T BE ALARMED! Those unaccustomed to digit-arrhythmia should also be aware of some fatal statistics regarding this matter: 76% shuttle hosts achieve pre-cognative awareness of paper noises coming from outer rooms not occupied by shuttle host. This is quite normal, but rumples may cause breathing to impair testicular jumping. Once again, rubber tape can be a quick fix-it in a pinch until ejactory can be maintained. 35% shuttle hosts feel a ghost-munst or “Shadow Pupil” in or around the corners of the eye. This has been known to startle a shuttle host into pre-destined coffin routine. The coffin routine is considered out of vogue and it is suggested that web cams be shut off during sad archaic displays. Mag tapes should be erased routinely after these episodes. 40% statistics sound like an exaggeration. But they are true and are up-to-the-minute variations that have been reverse-checked by famous shuttle-masters or “Lag Coffers.” It is suggested that the shuttle host leave a substitute note with a forged signature in rooms not occupied by the shuttle host. Finally, 1% co-bodies LIE about rumple-disaster ON or AROUND the shuttle host when leaving. Lag Coffers have outlined proper tape coordinates with regard to face, neck and ear taping during such an event. These coordinates can be found taped on the doorways of most Ur-foundation rooms in the Continental U.S. Rumples are a Necessary part of Survival in the second part of Ejac-time and Coffer Mastery! Noises in the other room may suggest the re-arranging of paper goods and/or magazine thumbing!

Part 3: A Distant fusion

Ever evasive, ever manifold. Those that reach part 3:

A Distant fusion can expect some kindly results. The co-body, it is assumed, has remained complacent and upper-head during Wide-screening of ankle(s) and droplets have ocured. The thunbing of magazines has been a promiscuous activity and duly noted by Mag/Rig & Tupper-mouse honing fleets. Said fleets have staid all damming “fleurs,” coins, wood, Faux-fleets. Paper(s) have been stacked according to demand. A “frissiony” escort-contact has been made with the shuttle host. Bio-tamp is engaged by some tapping of the finger, toe or foot. A vericose-roar might signal the shuttle host to deploy a barrage of mini-tamp inhabitors BUT the would be Lag Coffer would defer and instead enjoy the steady pulse of eniquidator-lap-longing that is spread in a long duration in said paid-for room.

I must confess that said paid-for room MAY NOT be paid-for BUT MAY be scrounged-for, or slinked-by through long elixered-up slum manager. Slum managers are a reliable source of happiness for the aspiring Lag Coffer. Your screen is up and flowing. Black felt is in place. Dummy-Surveillance parasol is false/on. Duck tape has been re-ordered through online “front” @ Shadow Operation Facility. All answering machines are communicating with each other. Mag tapes are on “record.” The co-body/shuttle host “Theatre of Despoiled Reverse Erotique Mobilization” is maximized and said paid-for (?) room has culminated in the overarching stream of “bastardized” images by said participants in separate rooms within same apartment. A new template of Erotic Rumour has been established and may be read in future magazines for thumbing.

A final note: make certain that the dummy-surveillance cameras are false/offed. handshaking, although quaint, is a “faux pas” according to current templates. DISCRETION IS ADVISED!