Monday, November 02, 1992


This game is the biggest one in the Czech Republic from both ultra and hools point of view so there were high expectations. It was clear that with Banik Ostrava coming to Prague there will be 'a third half' too. In the morning Sparta radicals had meeting in one pub far from stadium. After consultations with rivals from Ostrava, Prague mob was ready for fight at given place. It was battle between 75 lads of Sparta against 135 hools of Banik. Even before the start of the fight leaders of Sparta knew numbers of Ostrava but didn't avoid the fight (it was clear that guests will dominate with almost two times more hools). From the beginning of the fight we (Sparta) are trying to hold our positions but after some time we lost the field under our feet. Big surprise for Ostrava lads was fact that in first line were mainly younger boys (under 21) of Sparta - sharp test for those young lads indeed. At the end it was the clear win for Banik, no doubt about it (majority of Sparta lads were forced to 'turn tail' after few minutes of skirmish).