Thursday, July 01, 1993

Excerpt from OAKEN A GROVE N 6/17 XO
by Khazak Institute for Advanced Studies
Translated from the Russian automatically

the Published below composition does not claim on of the form. The mankind is familiar with a similar "mosaic" structure and philosophical Products, "Experiences" ., " " .., " pages ", "" and "" .., creativity of our contemporary Dm. an example of the similar compositions. An apart from of a doubtless literary value the transactions of ways to us and that by a load, which bears in self the process of emerging on light of primary atoms of a product.

On our eyes there was the birth of a new national craft of manufacture of pages. The group keen all free time devotes to an excision from a paper (and other improvised materials) these pages and plotting of images and inscriptions on a surface . Each small receives a serial number. For a today's day in directories - is circumscribed more than 12 thousands of pages. In the given selection have come already becoming a classical inscription on souvenirs.

the Comment ""
the Transactions is begun in September 1990.
On "" pages were repeatedly dropped from an orifice in a ceiling in a visual hall.
In / 10818 " ! " (.) - the weapon!
The Most p of a theme of inscriptions on sheets (in a ratio to total p of inscriptions):
p, violence, p - 24 %
, , , and etc. - 16 %
p, sexual p, p - 12 %
(not in a sense 2 and 3) - 5.5 %
Space - 4.5 %
p p:
Verses - 7 %
p - 4 %


Quickly go - is force will fall. .

There is nothing . Here, unless, of a stomach.

The banana is great, but it is much more. .

Being dipped in , you not always in the world perfect.

Has come - is, has left - is not present. Here such it(he)...

- , as it is ugly, when at the woman the whole face in hair! - do not tell, do not tell, - .

The white dwarf has at first reddened, has then turned blue, then has turned yellow and again by equal light-blue light. Many generations were beaten above(over) this riddle.

This is a box.
This is a box.
This is a box.
This is it box. It is a box.

Arrows of hours . It corresponded(met) of readiness.

Upper , and it lower...

The wave quickly came nearer, violently and threatening to displace all on light...
- I yet , - have gloomy told .

It would be very necessary , but it(she) by nothing could help, because they together shone by a dark blue flame, as, however, and whole

The sergeant it in and has laughed. So a dangerous criminal was delaying especially.

And , , from a jersey and, , has
shooted in the chairman of collective farm.

the Frost was in green boots, the fur coat was, the eyes it shone. The souvenirs at it(him) already were not.

When, and, as, have flied with and were threw to . has reached first and, by looking on a nest, : " has again pinned, ! " and under .

was, but not such, absolutly, but so to self , and all here! Such meet seldom, but they can be found. If to be lowered at night in, it is possible to see some -

an eyebrow, and.