Thursday, October 14, 1993

CRITICAL PATH or: Some Of The Things I Would Like To Accomplish While In London
by Dr. Conrad Renniger

John, following are some of the things I would like to accomplish while in London the week of May 17.

Along the lines of the evolutionary transition and development of America’s region technicians and fundamental analysts into a cohesive team of market strategists and reporters, the main objective of the London trip will be to plan and develop a critical path for the parallel transition to a strategist mentality and role of the European technical team. In addition, we should look to establish a framework within which the broader strategic outlook (encompassing all core markets, ie fixed income, foreign exchange, emerging markets, commodities, and equities) can be coordinated under a broader umbrella to produce a cohesive “globalmarkets” outlook, and truly bring all GML/all-products to fruition.

In order to get started in Europe, we need to:

1. Review analytical objectives/guidelines for individual technical analysts with Carlotta (FX), Hilda (Government Fixed Income) and Ulf (Emerging Markets), including specific analytical goals, and establishing a critical path for personal development and training. On the surface, I would suggest: Tassio – cross markets, Simonetta – fx options, Kendra - ???, Miranda – fixed income analytics, Filomena – fixed income options, Sven – trading systems, Gregor – yield curve analytics.

2. Address the role of commentary from a content and style point of view. Basically, how to make it “sound” more strategic (a technical comment is always basically a strategy, it just doesn’t always sound that way) and give the commentary “context.” This, changing the “mind-set,” is just as or more important than raising or broadening skill sets.

3. Access status of MMS Technical Seminar (the one in PowerPoint) and ability to put it “on-line,” pick a point-person and establish some deadlines.

4. Re-ignite push to develop technically-driven models for GML, pick a point-person and set some deadlines.

5. Establish a plan and timetable for completion of Emerging Europe - Technical Analysis on GML, including if appropriate a Tech-Hackers based analytics package similar to the planned Latin Version.

6. Finally, complete a thorough review of European Technical GML developments, added value updating (imbedded charts in Strategizers), and local updating and quality control of commentary, charts and data. The scheduled completion of the “fix” work is mid-May. After a final review, decide on a quality control period and pick a date to launch. Begin to establish guidelines for GML-2-type inclusions.