Monday, July 01, 1991


Dear Professor Kruk-Ivanisevic,

Finally, I have time to reply your questions about my relationship to the Institute. I wish I could reply to your questions as fully as I would like - however I must ask you to speak to Brigadier Ingall if you want full disclosure concerning my dealings with the Institute and its tributary organizations. I myself am not currently at liberty to divulge the full scope of my activities. After all that we have discovered together in our research and investigations...and yes, even after the incident in Nairobi . . . it pains me to say that there are certain facts I am not at liberty to reveal. But trust me. The goals of the Institute are always foremost in my mind.

You are free to refer to me as an associate of the Institute. As you know, I travel widely to represent its more prominent fund raising efforts. I am allowed to use the archives for my continuing research in Fin-de-Siecle studies. As an active member of the Amnesia and Forgetfulness committee, I attend all of the its meetings and conferences. And I am frequently called to brief the more cloistered members on matters of popular culture. Also, you may or may not know that I am sometimes retained to conduct certain delicate fact finding missions on behalf of the Institute.

I appear to have been less than reliable in fulfilling some of my duties to the Institute lately. Blame it on deep cover, going native or simply the lapses of a burnt-out party girl. Perhaps they all apply. You may hear terms like “prodigal” and “loose canon” mentioned in connection with my name. I suggest you ask Gore to fill you in before you take these comments too seriously.

I hope your research is progressing nicely.

As always - my best wishes,
Margaret Crane