Tuesday, November 03, 1992


We (Banik) were travelling for this game with strong mob and high expectations. It was clear that we will not meet with an obstacle from Sparta side regarding 'the third half'. After some necessary manoeuvres we are going to the place of fight with great number of 144 lads. In this fight we had support of three trnava (Slovakia) hools and a little bit more people from the east part of Czechia but clear majority was from Ostrava. Sparta with 80 fighters surprised us with the young boys in the first line. The fight was tough and barring few excesses fair too. After one and half minute of battle some boys from sparta didn’t hold themself and they run away. Prague hools that stayed in the fight were smashed and we could celebrate our win on the rival’s field. It was mostly the win of quantity than of quality, even if from our side didn’t fight about 15 people. But in my opinion, if should be the numbers of both sides the result would be the same as it was (maybe not, who knows but numbers of Sparta are their own problem). For all that the big thank to Sparta for facing us and in spite of the fact that we had more people on our side they fought and didn’t avoid it like other firms. So the score is 5:0 at the moment (five straight wins for Ostrava) and we are always waiting for revenge attempt.