Monday, November 01, 1993


On this monday trip only about 40 sparta lads decided to travel (even it was on work day and Opava is the longest trip it's very low number). There were no problems during travel but at Opava railway station there was big number of policemen waiting on our arrival. Still three lads disjoined and met with some Opava lads in nearby pub. They settled on meeting in town and we left the station then. During the walk through Opava we saw group of home lads (similar number as our) in the sideways street. We walk and then run against them (police was a bit back that time) but unfortunately our rivals were just standing at the end of the street without any move. Before we could start the fight police appeared again and separated both sides. After this disappointment we were escorted to the stadium. After the game we had to wait several hours for return train and during this time Opava lads contacted us again and offered another meeting on some train station close to Opava (better chance to avoid police). Unfortunately at that time we had even lower number than at the beginning (few lads used earlier trains or cars for travel). At one station home lads really waited on us (about 45 of them including 11 guys from Slask Wroclaw). Not all Sparta lads left the train (some stopped by police that noticed Opava hooligans) and it was easy win for Opava. This action of Opava at home soil was good revenge after being beaten in Prague in autumn.