Sunday, November 14, 1993

by Igor Bärtolech

During last 3 years i send out lots of mail art, covered every continent, the whole world. I spent all my money on mail art. Then I realized that lot of mail remained unanswered. On some address I send even two letter. I was angry on postal customs/police, they destroy a lot of mail art. Some of it disappear during travel. But still the list of those people who ignore me /for some reason/ was long. Is long. Then one mail art friend from Belgium kindly warn me that it is possibility that my work is misunderstood, and therefore no answer. People are pissed off.

Because of this I apologize to all of you, who feel insulted by my work. I’m not try to glorify war, slaughter, nacionalism. I made my work to shock people, to realize where we live. I take pictures from life; slaughter, death, war, dread…pain. That’s life. Pain. I live in the deepest shit of us all. Still I manage to avoid army. I manage /so far/ to stay alive, to send mail, even I don’t have money to buy new pair of shoes. That’s life here. Endless dread. Through my work I try to send this out in World. One more thing: I answer to every letter I receive. So if you don’t receive answer from me, it is not my fault. Hope to see you in my mail box…