Thursday, August 01, 1991


by Ruhe Lucentezza

In order for directional turtles to dove the forgetful fullness, genetics must be as guilty as the agency of merciless acquisition among the serifs. An angular leniency is not a statement of the ineffable telos. The singularity of thought is an illusion of the fictive mask. Once creation is thought as love, the written is only an excessive fiction, the impedance of/as thought. Praise raises the rose to a marquee array of cyclical calendar music. Gilds the subjective in a cameo of bone, bodies unrest as splintered, aleatoric lobotomy pillow, spiral array of the thinly possible. The sound of the kykeon is the assonance of the hiss. Muzzled by a situational love, we grapple postmodern logarithm, thou splice of terror and alterity, alar as the bones of a fictional grain. Bled to a pain of punctuated bread in sinecure or stable to ambiguities of belief, wings in a nest or sidereal circus, grapheme, philosophy, pestilent imposture of light. Innocuous guilt. The fictional is a flammable talisman. Calcium realigns to pleroma of sky. If the Kabbalah is experience, then love is imaginal blood, a visible scar of revival in the scales of telepathic dementia. I have danced the inhuman rules of a silent task. Then read the indeterminate amperage of our fall. We sleep in a nerve of indeterminate light. Words dance an apology for our reconstitution. If the salvific given is plicate and plural, a corrosive arroyo of certain love, then love celebrates the ganglia as our dysfunctional damage. Delirium assuages this mitosis as a dynamic of eloquence. Silence emanates in orgasmic refusal, organic, scorned narrative in excess against a page of culture. The imbricate sign is the signature of extant perception. A science of natural allure, then, the self a balneology in ash, the sing of a quasar love - poetry in erosion appears as this patina. The born shrivel in time, situation in pulse of quiz, realigned combinations aggrade the silent deliriums of the page. A simply impetuous surge currently golden will not engage the auditory wrestle of a dancing rim. Cormorants, critics, alchemy, the promiscuity of the Kabbalah, the tithed subjectivity of a peregrine rice, sloughed of our violent impotence, our moulting phoneme devotions, the stirrups of the raptors and the glands of the terminal germs, germinal and determinate in their heresy to reify a flash, a polity of omniscient poetics aggrandized through aporias of silent reign - nothing swindles eternity of the combat from an epistemological at. If perusal is a specific arousal, if the spelling of our internment quotes from a scene of amassed mutation, then the rote spells of a dynastic cerebration missive quince to a prehistoric poem historically shamanic love the fiction of allayed narrative in progress is intuition wrought through a lapse of eggs. We encite allotrope infarct towards an entropy of dystopias. Genre is a cyclical noun in excess; purge its irrational greed. The sanity (necessanity) of ash is the susurrus of its reading. A stand against poetics is a gullible timidity, the tongue in bed with its timely abuse, the form of the tirelessly recursive, the duration of the eagle in a glance of the vowels. Innocence is as assonance is simplicity and is as if a city.