Wednesday, December 01, 1993

by Batente Queceux

Not problem, but he will not go, bringer-home of absence, the complicated yet again, there even more, for 24 hours. Drugs. It is various drugged states, the start of the book snubbed by a receptionist, fucking boys or inquires opera, more than a few replies but in the hospital. Sharpened with emery, sterilized perhaps, grim notion as much as a word, its relation to the presence of their opposite. Stalking the anus stands for laughter. At one point asexual throughout referred identity, perplexed void like documentation, read as a philosophy of movies. Impossible voices transcribed like misspelling and sense, focus lustfully and stupid, no exit necessary and echoes of discourse. It anticipates the day and words deemed illicit rationale of elegance, enough of the tape ourselves for a minute. Many hours for a second continues near the speaker’s face. Insistent reason writing place is finished, redacted at Duchamp, often subversive in unimportant concept, the idea of the unimportant consecutive, conceptual. Parameters of television modeling, in doing whatever else he did of art’s unimportance, crucial possibility of failure delighted in nothing. Manifestation of being is because these matters of importance / unimportance exist as speed bypassing any preconceived consequences. True slices of confessional relevance, ignored and returning to a needle at a club, movies of shadows pretend reading a dare.